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  1. Dark Barracks. Darks barracks gets two upgrades which unlock both the witch and the lava hound. It is recommended to use both of these. Witch slap is one of the most powerful attack strategies for TH9 nowadays. Lava hounds can be used for LavaLoon or GoLaLoon attacks for war and trophy pushing
  2. Upgrade to max as fast as you want. Any elixir upgrades (army camps, dark barracks, dark spell factory, etc) Air defenses, air sweeper, teslas. By the time you have 25/25 heroes, you should have max th9 defenses (except that still having level 2 xbows is OK)
  3. Dark Elixir Drills to 6; Dark Barracks to 6; Dark Spell Factory to 4; Barracks to 11; DE Storage to 6; So that is going to do it for a summary of my Town Hall 9 life! I enjoyed maxing TH9 so much and I hope that I passed along a lot of knowledge to you guys about how you can go about maxing out
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Dark Barracks (Level 5 & 6) - Now that all your important buildings are all ready to rock & roll its time to level up and max out both of your Dark Barracks. Upgrading to Level 5 ( 2,750,000 E/8 days ) will unlock the Witch and upgrading to Level 6 ( 3,500,00 E/9 days ) will unlock the Lava Hound By Maximum Level, do you mean The Townhall or The Buildings or the Troops. Any way I will tell you all of it. First Buildings: (A) Buildings : Townhall : 9 level Clan Castle : 5 Elixir Collector : 12 Good Mine : 12 Gold Storage : 11 Elixir Storage.. However, due to the time needed to unlock hounds in the Dark Barracks, hogs should be done as the first upgrade always. (Ground) Hogs to level 5 (Ground) Jump to level 2 (Ground) Valks to level 4 or Golem to level 4. Upgrade your DE pumps to max for faster Hero upgrades and Dark Troops research; UPGRADES for TH9

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Add the new dark barracks and upgrade it to level 2; Upgrade 1 dark barracks to level 4; Now you have to decide if you are going to max TH8 or not. The next section should help you decide. If you decided to max TH8 add the new defenses now and max the rest of the walls and troops. Splash Damage Defense Last Hey guys. This is my first farming Strategy video. Hope you like it. You can easily farm 20k de in hour without Gemming your Barracks. Hope you enjoy this . Clash Of Clans - FASTEST DARK ELIXIR. Today we are back on the Let's Play TH9 Series and we have some decisions to make! What are we going to upgrade in our Lab next?We will also be doing some DE.. The best place to start is with the following upgrades: Queen, Dark spell factory, clan castle, laboratory, Army Camps, Barracks. Some more strategies like witch slap, gowiwi can also 3 star max th9 bases. To know about all the patch notes of new update here is the link

Facts about the dark barracks. The dark barracks are introduced in 2013. The level 4 dark barrack has a golem statue.; The dark barracks work just like normal barracks, they only need dark elixir If you want do goblin or barb or arch to help raiding (can do earlier if you want if you don't have enough dark to upgrade valks). Then Jump to L2 and Poison L3. loons to L6 (govaloon) . Yes, Lab may be spare lol - get used to this at th9 while you do the wall grind. DE drills to max (faster you do this the better, TH9 is all about chasing. If I can save 40k dark before my town hall finishes, Ill have the archer queen as an addition to my army, which means even stronger offense. I am aware that the first few weeks of TH9 can be tough, but since TH7s aren't my primary target, I probably won't notice that much of a difference in farming Summary. Barracks allow you to train troops using Elixir.These troops after being trained will be stationed in Army Camps.; The troops' rate of training depend on the number of Barracks that can train said troops; the troop's training time is inversely proportional to the number of Barracks you have, and can be determined by dividing a troop's base training time (training time with one.


Dark Barracks - If you opted to delay getting Witches/Hounds, consider upgrading it now, or in the next stage TH9: Going past 8.5 & Completing TH9 When you're ready to go beyond 8.5, this order will give the best power-to-weight ratio Coc th9 max building levels. At Town Hall 9, you can build a total of 77 buildings A TH9 can hold 250,000 more G/E than TH8 You gain 74,153 XP from upgrading all your Town Hall 9 buildings Some neat facts right there, but they aren't going to actually help you completely max out Town Hall 9 Town Hall Level 9 Hello my friends, today I'm going to share Th9 Dark Elixir Farming Strategy 2019 my best farming strategy to quickly make around 5000 Dark Elixir in just about 5 minutes every morning when you wake up or make around 50,000 Dark Elixir per day by playing less than an hour total of Clash of Clans every day and this is all without even boosting any of your Barracks

Dark Barracks - If you opted to delay getting Witches/Hounds, consider upgrading it now, or in the next stage TH9: Completing TH9 When you're ready to go beyond 8.5, this order will give the best power-to-weight ratio Once the Dark Elixir Drills are maxed, have this builder focus on upgrading the Dark Barracks. This will give you access to both the Witch and Lava Hound. Both units may prove interesting at this mid-way point through Town Hall 9 as you can use them as part of a War army composition to 3-star other TH9 players Dark Elixir Drills: Both drills can go up to level 6. Max drills make a lot of de. And trust me with a King and Queen both wanting to go to level 30, you need a LOT of dark elixir. Dark barracks. Get yourself witches and lava hounds! Witches spawn skeletons and also have an air and ground splash attack

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So my town hall just hit level 9, and I just wanted to document my upgrades and reasoning behind them in case it can help others. Most of the concepts here apply to all my town hall upgrades First though, I want you to understand that I came into town hall 9 loaded. I have 5 builders free, my Treasury was full, my s I get a lot of messages from Clashers saying that they just upgraded their Town Hall and want to know what to upgrade first. I worked a long time on this guide to give you a complete overview what upgrades you should work on first when you enter a new Town Hall level and also give you a priority for all the new upgrades available Clan Castle, Laboratory, Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory, Army Camps, Barbarian King Altar, Archer Queen Altar, Grand Warden Altar/ Statue RESOURCE BUILDINGS. Treasury, Gold Mines, Elixir Collector, Dark Elixir Drill, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Dark Elixir Storage NEW BUILDER BASE WORLD. ARM Dark Barracks (8 days + 9 days)- Gotta get those witches and lava hounds; LAB UPGRADES. Hogs lvl5 (14 days)- with max hogs, a max golem in your cc and a level 1 Archer Queen, you can 3 star TH9's well above your level 19 days into your TH9 life. Witch lvl2 (12 days)- Dark barracks

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COC Clash of Clans Account Level 113 TH9 Max out for Android & iOS 2055 gems Whatsapp / call 012-358 9066 Benny 4 Barracks lvl 10 MAX 2 Dark Barracks lvl 6 MAX 1 Laboratory lvl - Clashofclansbuilder.com. Home; Plans . Create Plan. Level 2; Level 3; Level 4; Level 5; Level

-TH9 - LVL 7 Archer Queen - LVL 7 Barb King - 4 LVL 10 barracks - LVL 6 Dark Barracks - LVL 3 dark barracks - 4 LVL 4 teslas - 2 LVL 2 Xbows - 3 LVL.. At TH9 you were able to hold 220 troops in your army camps now you can hold 240. It is highly suggested that you upgrade your army camps as early as possible. I generally try to prioritize those first behind getting the laboratory. Barracks. After army camps we have barracks and each barrack will get one upgrade that will unlock the miner TH9 Townhall 9 War Base Clash of Clans Layout created by CoC Bases. Try it out in the attack simulator, see previous attacks or modify it with the base builde Attack Strategies Guide. This guide is intended to provide you with a range of different strategies depending on your goals and troop levels. There is no one strategy that is best for all bases and attackers, it is mostly about finding what strategy works for you best

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ClashTrack is a unique clan management site that provides many tools for a variety of Clan Styles. It fully utilizes Super Cell's API, so if there is information that SuperCell releases to the public you can rest assured that ClashTrack will take advantage of it on this site. It is not complicated and provides an easy and minimal interface yet gives you advanced stats that come from far more. You are Th9. 2 barracks for barbs, 2 for archers, 14 minions in each dark barrack. You need to also raise your trophy count to get a lot of dark elixir and a base with low defenses/walls will be easy targets for high th7-8s, and This Clash of Clans Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018 will help you to increase you trophies so come and We all need Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans, especially when every new update gives us new troops to upgrade or even additional Hero levels to grind.Unfortunately, Dark Elixir is the rarest and most precious resource.In this post, I want to show you some ways to farm Dark Elixir to gather the needed Dark Elixir for your upgrades. The most important thing about farming Dark Elixir is not finding.

Plus, now you will mostly see TH9 and TH10s when raiding. So if you are not in a serious war clan this might not be the right thing for you. Second wave: (1) DE storage, (2) Dark Barrack to 6, (3)Dark Spell Factory, (4) Camp 1, (5) AQ to Usually th8 takes 1 month to max out the base without skipping a day. At each Town Hall level, new buildings are unlocked. Dark Barracks, Dark spell factory, clan castle, laboratory. TOP 15 BEST TH9 WAR BASE LINKS 2020 | TH9 CWL Base. Categories: Farming Base Town Hall 8. Tags:. Town Hall Level 10. The Town Hall is the heart of your village and the most important Building in the Clash of Clans game.. At tenth level the color of the Hall changes to a deep crimson red and blue gray. On the top of the Town Hall, there is a metal grate Best TH10 Hybrid Base Link 2021 Anti Everything. Here comes the first base that is dark elixir protected donuts base.there are three compartments in this base. the first compartment is composed by stray buildings such as barracks dark barracks army camps gold mines and elixir collectors Be ready to start with all of these immediately when you get to th9. 1.Research lab (2.5M Elixir) 2.Clan castle (5M Gold) 3.Spell Factory (1.6M Elixir) Priorities for elixir. Make sure that you have enough elixir to keep these things going. 1.Lab, Spell factory 2.Loons to 6 3.Army camps 4.Dark spell factory to 3 5.Dark elixir drills 6.Dark Barracks

agent86. Posted September 24, 2014, Updated September 24, 2014, Permalink. Clash of Clans Upgrade Guide. Few things perplex Clash of Clans players as much as this eternal question: What should I upgrade next? In this entry in our ongoing series of guides for Clash of Clans, I'll go over my strategies for what to upgrade and in what order.. So first, let's cover the basics 2> Make sure not to up any of your regular Barracks to level 11. Step 1 - ASAP Upgrades > Build Archer Queen and up her to Level 5 min. > Up Lab (up loon to level 6 and unlock lava ASAP). > Up Dark Spell Factory(for Haste Spell), Spell Factory, Clan Castle, Army Camps. > Build new Air Defense and Air Sweeper and up to max TH 8 level Number of Dark Barracks available Training Time; Normal Train Time With 10% Boost With 15% Boost With 20% Boost; 1: 3m: 2m 42s: 2m 33s: 2m 24s: 2: 1m 30s: 1m 21s: 1m 16s: 1m 12 If you're looking for the New BEST TH9 HYBRID/TROPHY Base 2020!! | Town Hall 9 (TH9) Hybrid Base Design with copy link in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place.This base is one of the best base for coc Town Hall 9 available on YouTube. This Town Hall 9 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing Dark Elixir Storage. 600,000 Elixir. There's no point to having Dark Elixir if you can't store it. Get this moving right away. Dark Elixir Drill. 1,000,000 Elixir. Now that you can store it, it's time to pump it. Get this going right away so you can save up for the killer Barb king Barbarian King. 10,000 Dark Elixir. The gift that.

Baru Rp 2.500.000 Jual ID Clash Of Clan (COC) lvl 87 Cek Aj Di Clan INDO - MIX Nick : Prince Vell Minat Hubungi 081219100900 Add Pin 231CF9A0 Harga Awal 2,5jt Nego Tipis (Serius ONLY) DEFENSE : x5 Canon lv.10 x6 Archer tower lv.10 x4 Wizard tower lv.6 x4 Air defence lv.5 x3 Mortar lv.7 x1 Clans Castle lv.4 x4 Hiden tesla lv.4 x2 X-Bow lv.1 ARMY : x4 Army camp Lv.7 x3 Barrack Lv.8 x1 Barrack. Layout Town Hall 8 base Clash of Clans is successfully attacked by the enemy, both ground and air forces. At the initial stage of the development of TH8 base, players quite often attack the Dragons, and at the final stage of the development of the base of the TH8, the players use the Valkyrie, Wizards and Golems attacks, which are more effective when the base is protected by three air defense. Download Best Maps Coc Th9 Base 2017 Google Play Softwares Maps Of Coc Th9 Apps On Google Play Base Clash Of Clans Town Hall 9 Terbaik 2018 Kotak Gamers Kotak Compilation Th9 Elite War Base Compilation 14 Best Th9 Dark Elixir Farming Bases 2019. TH8.5/TH9.5/TH10.5 are clan wars friendly TH upgrade strategies and are strongly suggested for all Band of Bros members. The .5 refers to being the next TH level but keeping your war weight more in line with your previous one, thus a TH8.5 is a TH9 with low war weight and, ideally, high offensive capabilities

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Town Hall 9 Max RequirementsResources6 Level 12 Gold Mines6 Level 12 Elixir Collectors2 Level 6 Dark Elixir Drills4 Level 11 Gold Storages 4 Level 11 Elixir Storages 1 Level 6 Dark Elixir Storage 2 Level 6 Dark BarracksOffensive buildings 4 Level 10 Barracks 4 Level 7 Army Camps 1 Level 7 Laboratory 1 Level 4 Spell Factory 1 Level 5 Clan CastleDefensive buildings MAX YOUR TOWN HALL before moving to next TH level dark barracks, army camps, spell factory, clan castle and heros - Do not upgrade any defenses until you have war troops and Hero's capable of 3 starring your Town Hall level A new TH9 without xbows will likely get paired with a high TH8 or another low level TH9 TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Base With Bomb Tower 2021. First of all, I would like to thank you for coming to my website.So without further due let's have a look at top 10 dark elixir farming with bomb tower.. Clash of Clans TH9 Dark Elixir Farming Bas You can get up to Masters and Champs (and above) as a TH9, but the loot is honestly worse than Crystal even with the bonus, and you will get creamed the second you log off. Also, in Champs, prepare to spend a LONG time nexting (I once hit next over 140 times in a row until I ran out of gold - every single base I saw was a near max TH10 or 11 with active inferno towers) If you're looking for the New Best TH9 Hybrid/Trophy [Defense] Base Layout 2019 !!Town Hall 9 War/Trophy Base Design in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the right place.This base is one of the best and most popular bases for coc Town Hall 9 available on YouTube with over 200k+ views on YouTube.This Town Hall 9 coc base layout can be used for Trophy pushing

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TH9/Town Hall 9 accounts - 15 euros, But price of a max village is a bit high; Town Hall 10/TH10 accounts - 20 euros, Up to 40-50 euros for max village; TH11/Town Hall 11 accounts - 30 euros, You need to pay up to 60-70 Euros if it's a max village; Town Hall 12/TH12 accounts-40 euros, A max th12 Can costs around 150-200 euro Welcome to a first sneaky preview of the Clash of Clans Autumn / Clash-O-Ween Update! Today we are sharing the balance changes that will be implemented once the update is live (date TBC). We've got some pretty good discounts for Dark Elixir Troops along with some balancing of various units. Check out the details below! this on TH9 War Base Layouts/Designs with Links for CWL COC Clash of Clans 2021 On this level the Town Hall changes its colour to the dark-blue, the roof tower acquires another little tower on it, In the Dark Barrack you'll be able to create the Lava Hounds And lastly, dark elixir is for buying and upgrading hero units and dark elixir troops. Aside from building a community and an army, an important part of the game includes raiding players . To do so, the game gives you a wide selection of players to choose from, all of which are within range of your current level and number of trophies Here, the main motive is to protect dark elixir, elixir and the gold storage because it has the most amount of loot in the whole base. It's always suitable to place them in between when it comes to farming in th9. Want more bases? we have a dedicated post having more than 10+ best th9 farming bases. Check it out - Town Hall 9 Farming Bas

The Spell Factory is home to veteran Wizards who are better suited to creating magical weapons than front-line combat. Use their powerful Attack Spells to turn the tide of a battle in your favor! Summary The Spell Factory allows the player to create spellsusing Elixir. There are currently 5 permanently in-the-game spells: the Lightning Spell, Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Jump Spell and the. This is probably from like As well as hogs lvl 5 and healer lvl 4. Thats not true, lvl 5 minions is correct for th9. Also Skeleton spell and dark spell factory lvl 4 is now available for th9. Your email address will not be published. Thank you very much for your help. We will fix it soon!Farming at Town Hall 9 is much harder

With all objects hidden, 3ds Max has rendered only the background image. It is apparent that you will need to make the image darker so it suits the nighttime scene. Leave the Environment And Effects dialog open for now. Adjust the background image: Open the Slate Material Editor Archer Queen (TH9) Warden (TH11) Spell Factory; Camps; Dark Barracks; Clan Castle; Barracks; All of the following new items for that new Th level traps, bombs, storage, pumps, drills, mines, walls; Dark Spell Factory (TH8) TH8 upgrade Barb King to 5 before moving onto defences; TH9 upgrade Archer Queen to 10 before moving onto defence

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TH11 up for Trade TH9-10 Max. Heroes Q25 K22, Artillery 2, Xbows Max, Inferno Towers Max, Wizard towers 9, Arch and Canons 13, Air Def Max, Tesla Max, Troops Up to date, Walls 9/10 Im lvl 131 Im looking to trade for a th10 Max if not close to max or 9 maybe 05/17/2019, 22:1 New Facebook Page! Like! \r\rHey guys its Ash and welcome to my 15thof my Road to Max TH9 and Heroes. I know its been a long time since I uploaded the previous , but due to my limited time, its been tough managing more than 1 account. So I took a break from farming on this account and instead try out wars with the level of heroes I have Today in Clash of Clans we are showing off a Full Boost worth of Goblin Knife Farming! I am going to Boost my Barracks for a Hour and See how plausible Goblin Knife is for Town Hall 9 Dark Elixir Farming **Spoiler Alert** ITS GOOD!\r\rJoin Patreon for Exclusive perks including Office hours where you get to chat and discuss whats going on with me! \r\rLike, Comment, and Subscribe to the Channel. Mar 4, 2017 - How to attack strategy Town Hall 9 with dragons and balloons for get 3 stars on battle wars clash of clans.Tips:Dragons min level 4Ballons min level 6Lightin..

Sansha Military Complex is an Unrated Complex found by scanning in Null security regions with Sansha presence. T2 Battleships and below are allowed to enter the site.. Walkthrough. Upon warping to the site you will land at an acceleration gate. First Pocke The Spring 2020 Update for Clash of Clans is here! With this update we are introducing a ton of new features, new levels, and Quality of Life improvements to make Clash of Clans better than ever. Below you will find the patch notes for this super cool update! this on

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TH 8 Upgrade Priorities Key Initial Upgrades Once your Town Hall is upgraded to level 8, the first upgrades and purchases you should complete are as follows: Upgrade Laboratory Upgrade Clan.. Symbol Description; A research can be blocked, either by an unfinished prerequisite research, by a completed blocking research, or because the research tree has another column 6 research already active.: A locked research requires a building or buildings, or other unrelated research, before it can be started.: An unlocked research has all colony and research requirements met, but requires an. clash of clans - fastest dark elixir farm method - max heroes fast. This is by far the quickest way to get dark elixir fast. 40-50k dark elixir per hour on a boost. NO HEROES REQUIRED In this video - BEST LEAGUE TO FARM IN FOR DARK ELIXIR, GOLD AND ELIXIR BEST ATTACK STRATEGIES TO GET LOOT This Strategy works for all townhalls from town hall 7 - town hall 8 - town hall 9 - town hall 10 - town.

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Th9 legend league base 202 Overview of the Chapters of Warpath. 1 Gameplay 2 Chapters 2.1 Prologue and Chapter 1: Cornerstone of Tomorrow 2.1.1 Objectives 2.2 Chapter 2: Close Combat 2.2.1 Objectives 2.3 Chapter 3: Growing Crisis 2.3.1 Objectives 2.4 Chapter 4: Quiet Before the Storm 2.4.1 Objectives 2.5 Chapter 5: Storm of Death 2.5.1 Objectives 2.6 Chapter 6: Blinding Flash 2.6.1 Objectives 2.7 Chapter 7: Before Dawn. Here, the main motive is to protect dark elixir, elixir and the gold storage because it has the most amount of loot in the whole base. It's always suitable to place them in between when it comes to farming in th11. Want more bases? we have a dedicated post having more than 10+ best th11 farming bases. Check it out - Town Hall 11 Farming Bas Mostly, dark elixir and regular elixir upgrades alternate to be sure there is sufficient time to build up reserves and make other needed base upgrades too My mini is now 60 days old, currently th8, planning on beginning my th9 upgrade in 8 days, so that's gonna be quite a bit more than what you did on your own account I guess you were always using all the builders, while I had 1 constantly.

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Selling Level 112 TH9 COC ACC. NEAR MAX 03/01/2016 - Clash of Clans Trading - 22 Replies IOS but can be linked to Android Maxed out structures: 4 x Barracks 2 x Dark Barracks 5 x Cannon 4 x Gold Storage 4 x Elixir Storage 1 x Dark Elixir Storage [Selling] SELLING TH9 NEAR MAX LVL 100 CHEAP AF!!!!! 09/26/2015 - Clash of Clans Trading - 0 Replie Selling TH 9 MAX Wall MAX 100% Level 10 Troops MAX Dark Barracks MAX. Thread starter cvmaxtron; Start date Jul 28, 2016; Tags clash of clans coc th9 very cheap; Town Hall/Filters TH9 cvmaxtron Well-known member. Jul 28, 2016. 0 0 0. Rating 0.00 star(s) #1. Country US/Canada Multiple Accounts 0. Jul 28, 2016 #1. Submit Feedback Dark barracks level 1 to max clash of clans #shorts #clashofclans #cocindia . as Clan Clash Of Clans Clash ac MAX CO Dark COC Barracks racks Dark Barracks. 14 days ago, 0 views Next video . Comments. Destroying a village in clash of clans with barbarians only! Legend.

th9 attack strategy. th9 attack strategy. February 16, 2021 0 Comments. A few months above I did post a small effective farming strategy with Goblins and a lot of players have been using it since then. Although it is an extremely farming startgey (you can read more about it at here) but it's pretty hard to get Dark Elixir, especially for late-TH9 players, people who just care about Dark Elixir after maxing everything with Gold and Elixir BARRACKS - Not hugely The first thing to max out is your splash damage, the most important defensive buildings available at TH8. 1600+ for dark elixir and sub200/sub50 for the hardcore farmer. I find that anything below 1300 for farming is small raids on lower lvl TH6s and TH7s,.

Maintenance, new Dark Barracks and more walls (25LV 101 TH9 (almost all def maxed) in top 80 clan[WTS] Clash of Clans| Maxed out TH9 |LV 9+ Walls|MaxedPin on Youtube

Max th9 heroe Tweet text: Max Burns @themaxburns It is quickly becoming clear that senior figures in our government--and in the White House--not only supported the idea and goals of the January 6 terrorists, but provided material support, funding, and operational intelligence. It got as far as holding the Guard in barracks. 3:32 PM · Jan 9, 202 The Barracks Towers will employ and house 1 Guard for every level built (unlike the normal Guard Towers, which can only have 1 Guard at a time).Each new Guard will need a bed in a house in order to spawn. However, once they are hired at the Barracks Tower, that becomes their new residence and the bed in the house will open up for another new citizen (child or recruit) Level 100, TH9! Super good and super cheap! I have a lvl 96 account for sale. My name in Clash of clans is Jason. Contact me on kik if interested. My kik is mkogan1020 Main Stats: Platform - IOS (Apple) Account Level - 100 GEMS - 3875 Clash of Clans Base Includes: Main: Townhall - level 9.. Clash of Clans bot from mybot.run free & open source. Free coc bot, clash and earn millions of Resources daily. Try it now! Let the game begin! Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

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