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The 2018 Cruze is a little roomier than the previous one we owned. Our last one was a 2016. We felt very cramped in it. The 2018 has just enough room to fit my husband and I and our 2 youngest children. It gets great gas mileage. I like the look of it as well The contact owns a 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. The contact stated that the vehicle jerked, lunged, and lost power while the accelerator pedal was depressed or while the air conditioning was activated... Enter the 2018 Chevy Cruze Diesel. The new Cruze is a highly rated front-wheel-drive compact car known for its quiet ride, spacious seats and trunk, and a user-friendly infotainment system. Fuel economy is also very good at 38 mpg on the highway with the gas engine; with the diesel engine, that figure rises to as high as 52 mpg, making the Cruze Diesel the most efficient non-electric vehicle the EPA has tested

It's also a helluva problem — as most people will probably want the automatic but be lured in by the media's 52 MPG tub-thumping (and failure to mention the manual transmission fine print) GM will notify owners, and dealers will bleed the vehicle's brake system, free of charge. The recall began October 11, 2018. Owners may contact Buick customer service at 1-800-521-7300, Cadillac.

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- basics : 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT 6M Diesel, delivered 15 Feb 2018. - malfunctions : since delivery blank dashboard, misfiring engine (for several months), diesel particulate filter. 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel - YouTube. Cruze Diesel! The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze just became available with a new 1.6L Ecotec turbodiesel engine. In this review, we look at the new engine, whether it.

It's only about a 10 minute trip to work, and about a mile out, the same Service emission system warning came on with the countdown 175 miles until 65MPH max speed came on again. This is becoming frustrating, especially since I'm supposed to make that same 2400 trip the beginning of next week to take the kids home I will say this - after a week in the saddle of the 2018 Cruze Diesel sedan, the on-board computer showed a heartwarming fuel consumption rating of 5.4 L/100 kilometres, and with diesel. 80 problems have been reported for the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. The following chart shows the 16 most common problems for 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's equipment with 12 problems. The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's engine and engine cooling (11 problems) 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch Diesel first drive review Diesel has a dirty name, but Chevy's Cruze is trying to clean it up By Alexander Kalogianni November 6, 201 The 2018 is equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The engine sounds like a diesel at startup but it's hard to tell it's a diesel once you're up to speed

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Owner Reviews & Common Problem

  1. We test drive the all-new 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch diesel to see how it drives and performs, what it's really like to live with. Full review of performance..
  2. g from the water pump. Complaints of oil leaks co
  3. Find 2018 Chevrolet Cruze recalls information, reported by the NHTSA, and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can get your car fixed
  4. The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is one of those cars, and with the hatchback option now available with a fuel-efficient diesel engine, Chevy may have come up with a near-perfect formula
  5. Chevrolet Cruze owners have reported 7 problems related to engine exhaust system (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Cruze based on all problems reported for the Cruze

2018 Cruze Part & System Ratings. Consumer Reports predicts that the 2018 Cruze will be a reliable car. In the most recent Chevrolet Cruze reliability review, the Cruze received an average comparison for fuel system reliability, and better ratings in every other category, including the following: Engine major. Engine minor For Chevy Cruze Owners and Fans r/ cruze. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 1. pinned by moderators. Posted by. 2018 LT/RS Hatch AEM/Borla/Rallyarmor. 26 days ago. Chevrolet Cruze Gen 2 Troubleshooting and Have what looks like a very common problem. Outlet valve is leaking in its. The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze diesel hatchback is an appealing and singular choice for those seeking a small car. As practical as most entry-level SUVs, yet more nimble out on the road and easier to park in an urban setting, the car is competitive even before shining a spotlight on its fuel-sipping ways I did experience some vibrations when idling depending on how far I had the clutch pedal of the six-speed manual transmission depressed, but overall the Cruze Diesel is markedly smoother than not. Answer: The Chevy Cruze 2018 tire pressure iS35 psi. Making sure Your tires are in the greatest of condition is crucial to not crashing. You will come into problems with this car part at some time or another. Premature..

The Chevrolet Cruze diesel returned huge mpg figures, with upwards of 60 mpg on the highway. Now, we're remembering this diesel Chevy in the following feature 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan Diesel offers up to an EPA-estimated 52 mpg highway — the highest highway fuel economy of any non-hybrid/non-EV in America. Is it worth it to buy one now? When it was new, both times, the Chevy Cruze Diesel had an MSRP around $27,000 For instance, if you were on an icy road, and your Cruze wasn't steering when you need it to, StabiliTrak could apply one of the rear brakes to help get you pointed in the right direction. Service StabiliTrak Symptoms: Chevy Cruze. Loss of StabiliTrak is not really going to be noticed during normal driving Chevrolet Cruze Transmission Problems. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently Chevrolet Cruze problems occur, check out our car reliability stats

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Hatchback road trip achieves over 60 combined MPG and an estimated range of over 800 miles and over 47 cubic feet of usable storage The sedan version of the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze gets 52 mpg (4.5 l/100km) on the highway in its diesel option. Add the extra weight of the hatchback and that drops to 47 mpg (5.0 l/100km)

10 Complaints: 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Engine Problem

  1. The 2.0 diesel got great gas mileage on the highway, but couldn't claim to be quick or even somewhat quick. The low-end torque that a diesel is known for was missing, meaning you'd have to rev the.
  2. American diesel fuel is thinner than its European counterpart, allowing for air pockets that cause the metal to rub against metal and create shavings
  3. If your Cruze isn't getting enough fuel, or any fuel at all, it may have a bad fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or bad fuel injectors. Without the proper amount of fuel getting into the combustion chamber, the Cruze will crank, but not start. 2. Ignition Issues. One of the biggest issues that causes a vehicle to crank but not start is ignition issues
  4. It's very likely that the diesel-ified 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback will be able to return 50 mpg (4.7 liters per 100 kilometers) highway, but only when it's matched to the all-new GM Hydra.

The Chevy Cruze also reportedly had oil leaks from the engine, cooler lines, and transmission seals. Coolant leaks caused problems requiring that the thermostat housing be replaced. There were trunk release switch issues, which, while not expensive to fix, could cause quite a few headaches The Cruze diesel does have a different sound than one of the small Chevys powered by a gasoline engine, but it is hardly noisy, there is no smoke to be seen and when compared to the majority of. The 2018 Cruze feels quite spacious for a compact car, especially for the back seat passengers. There is lots of headroom in both rows, and plenty of opportunity to spread one's legs out. With 14.8 cubic feet of trunk space in the sedan models and 22.7 cubic feet in the hatchback cargo compartment, the Cruze is near the top of the class for cargo space as well

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2018 Chevy Cruze Diesel — Read the Fine Print The

  1. See detailed information, specs, power and torque ratings on GM's 1.6L I4 LH7 Turbo Diesel WhisperDiesel engine used in the Chevy Cruze, Equinox & GMC Terrain
  2. The 2018 Chevy Cruze LT Diesel Hatch ($25,865) comes standard with cloth upholstery, a seven-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 60/40 split folding rear seat, and a rearview camera
  3. The NHTSA has issued recalls for the 2018 Chevy Cruze which include: Insufficient coating on rear brake caliper pistons; Incorrect welding on the back seat; Expert Legal Advice from California Lemon Law Center. If you are experiencing problems with your Chevy Cruze and the dealer is unable to repair it, California Lemon Law Center can help
  4. Based on data from 112 vehicles, 7,043 fuel-ups and 2,486,349 miles of driving, the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze gets a combined Avg MPG of 36.54 with a 0.24 MPG margin of error. Below you can see a distribution of the fuel-ups with 56 outliers (0.79%) removed. Following shows the average MPG of each of the 112 vehicles in the system
  5. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- General Motors Corp. is recalling all 154,122 Chevrolet Cruzes it has made in Lordstown, saying mistakes on the assembly line could cause safety problems. GM on Wednesday..
  6. Adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection are not available on any trim of the 2018 Cruze. Diesel-powered models equipped with an automatic transmission are.

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Reliability - Consumer Report

  1. 2018 Chevy Cruze Diesel in Alaska: No VW Pollution Spills Here, Just 50-Plus MPG Racking up stellar fuel economy figures in Chevy's diesel hatchback on an Alaskan SCCA road rally
  2. 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Manual 4dr Sedan when driven annually in the US Depreciation $17,972 Fees & Taxes $2,057 Fuel $3,311 Insurance $7,408 Interest $2,222 Maintenance $3,562 Opportunity.
  3. There's very little noise or forward motion just off idle, but past that point the load of torque from 2600 rpm on up is something with which no regular Cruze can compete. The diesel's typically diesel-ly sound dissipates above idle, as well
  4. BKC with intermittent starting problems. Jump to Latest Follow 2018. VW TDI forum, Audi, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze Diesel forum. A forum community dedicated to Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and all turbo diesel owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance,.
  5. It is understandable that problems will arise in newly made engines. Although this engine has been produced in other countries since 2012, the parts are not readily available. If you purchase this truck and something breaks, good luck on getting it replaced quickly
  6. 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Hatchback. Class: Compact Car Miles driven: 364 Fuel used: 10.8 gallons Real-world fuel economy: 33.7 mpg Driving mix: 55% city, 45% highwa

If you want a diesel-powered hatchback Cruze, you'll have to shop for a 2018 model. For 2017, these models were mutually exclusive. To further research used models in this generation, read our. In lieu of Volkswagen's recent fall from grace over diesel emissions, Chevrolet's bold decision to offer the Cruze with a diesel engine could be either a big mistake, or a defining moment in the. some block heaters come for the bigger diesel engines and get installed where the core plugs go. you just pop out a core plug then pop the heater in and plug it in. probably need a wire harness for that too or just some zip ties depending on your preference. i couldn't find any block heaters for the LH7 And the diesel engine doesn't make it quicker or improve how it handles in any way. Rather, it's designed for long hauls on the highway, which is where it excels. Safet

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The federal agency gives the Cruze a five-star frontal crash rating and four of five stars for both side-crash and rollover-crash protection. Crash-test data on the Cruze from the Insurance. First of all, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen has a more powerful engine than the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback Diesel, and it gets 9 fewer miles on a gallon of fuel. Also, there is a $3,750 difference in the base MSRP. The 2018 Cruze Hatchback Diesel has a higher starting price than the 2018 Golf SportWagen The diesel engine also lacked power, and the brake pedal felt spongy and lacked feel. Out on the streets of Los Angeles, it became clear that the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox diesel was tuned primarily.

One of the most common issues with the Chevy Cruze, or any newer GM vehicle is the Service StabiliTrak warning. If you have a service StabiliTrak warning, your Cruze will no longer be assisted when a loss in lateral traction is detected. StabiliTrak is a GM specific vehicle stability system Anonymous, VA (2018 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel 1.6-L 4 Cyl diesel) Vehicle is diesel and DPF kept failing and requiring dealer service. They ended up replacing the entire exhaust system and that.


2018 DURAMAX DEF PROBLEM. Jump to Latest Follow '14 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel '19 Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2L GO NAVY! Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum. A forum community dedicated to Chevy and GMC Duramax diesel owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about modifications,. The 2014 Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel, direct from the factory, will be rated for up to B20 (blend of 20% biodiesel / 80% regular diesel) biodiesel compatibility. [114] The Cruze diesel was the first GM passenger car in the US equipped with a diesel engine in 28 years, however sales were weaker than expected with 2% of US models Read our latest article about 2018 Chevy Diesel Cruze here on our website. For more details about 2018 Chevy Diesel Cruze, you can subscribe and find out the latest update If you're looking for a small car that offers affordable pricing and engaging handling, the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze should be on your list. The Cruze also brings superb fuel economy to the table, thanks to its available diesel engine. The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car that's sold in hatchback and sedan body styles. Both seat five passengers 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. EPA MPG Owner MPG Estimates 2018 Chevrolet Cruze 4 cyl, 1.4 L, Automatic (S6) Regular Gasoline: View Estimates Diesel: Not Available. How can I share my MPG? Combined MPG: 35. combined. city/highway. MPG. City MPG: 30. city. Highway MPG: 45. highway. 2.9 gals/ 100 miles

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See pricing for the Used 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Sedan 4D. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Sedan 4D. View local inventory. The EcoTec 1.6-liter turbo diesel in the current Chevy Cruze will now find a home in the 2018 Chevy Equinox. The 137-horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque engine provides plenty of power at all. The Chevy Cruze should last over 150,000 miles with proper care and maintenance done on the vehicle. The most important thing to help a car last a long time is to get all of the scheduled maintenance done. Each time that You do simple maintenance items like changing the oil You are helping Your engine last longer because the new oil will be able to protect it better Rating applies to 2016-19 models. Tested vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 4-door The Chevrolet Cruze was redesigned for the 2016 model year. Moderate overlap frontal ratings are assigned by the Institute based on a test conducted by General Motors as part of frontal crash test verification.. The earlier design remained in production for 2016 model year only, available new only to fleet buyers. See pricing for the Used 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Hatchback 4D. Get KBB Fair Purchase Price, MSRP, and dealer invoice price for the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Hatchback 4D. View local.

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Service Emission System warning, again! Chevrolet Cruze

Call 800-298-1624 to get Expert Service ordering a Trailer Hitch for your 2018 Chevrolet Cruze. Complete installation instructions and lifetime technical support on all Trailer Hitch purchases. Lowest price guarantee on accessories for your Chevrolet Cruze and the fastest shipping available If you're in the market for a new truck, the 2018 Chevy Silverado 2500HD has, no doubt, caught your eye. It is among the top trucks out there and for good reason. The designers at Chevrolet have been tinkering around with major improvements that make the new Silverado a good work truck, that's easy on the eyes, and a nice family vehicle

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With the new diesel powertrain and 9-speed transmission, the 2018 Cruze LT Diesel Hatchback feels like an entirely new vehicle. With 240 lb-ft of torque showing up at 2000 rpm from its 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine, it's immediately strong, erasing the main issue I had with the gasoline engine, whose peak horsepower doesn't arrive until 5600 rpm Used 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT for Sale on carmax.com. Search new and used cars, research vehicle models, and compare cars, all online at carmax.co Cruze LT Diesel Trim (Manual) The Chevy Cruze LT Diesel Manual takes things up a notch by adding diesel to the equation. This trim is available as a hatchback or sedan, and both come with a six-speed manual transmission. The transmission gets its power from a 137 horsepower 1.6-liter diesel engine 2018 Cruze For Sale ZIP Code. Search Cars The problems experienced by owners of the 2018 Chevrolet Cruze during the first 90 days of ownership. Vehicle's handling on curves Engine Turbo Diesel, Turbocharged Gas I4. Transmission Manual, Automatic. Drivetrain. Chevy sees opportunity in the wake of VW's diesel failure, bringing a diesel engine to its compact sedan (and hatchback). Read our first-drive impressions and see photographs at Car and Driver

2018 Chevrolet Cruze - Problems, Statistics, and Analysi

$8,999 (+ NO DRIVER LICENCE NO PROBLEM All DONE IN HOUSE PLATE TITLE) 2018 Chevy Cruze 2LT CLEAN TITLE Remote start Heated seats Camera $12,900 (Quality auto service/no dealer fees) 2017 Chevy Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Sedan 4D sedan Gray - FINANCE $15,990. One of the common failure items on a Gen1 Chevy Cruze diesel is the DEF tank reservoir heater. Diesel exhaust fluid begins to freeze at 12 degree fahrenheit. Manufacturers use a heater in the DEF tank to thaw the fluid and allow it to enter the exhaust system, however, this can fail over time

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch Diesel First Drive Review

I was positively inclined toward the Cruze as soon as it came out. When I read its diesel made not a whole lot less torque than my old 5.0 LX, I was shocked. For me, the gutlessness of four-cylinder engines is something that truly destroys the enjoyability of any vehicle afflicted with one. I guess that old 302 loping down the road spoiled me. I have a 14 Diesel Cruz. I bought used with 10K miles on it. It has 20K now. The reduced engine power warning came on and the turbo stopped working. I took it to the dealer. They said the diesel particulate filter was clogged because the car never completed a regen to clean it. The car is supposed to do this on it's own, but never did

2018 Chevrolet Cruze Consumer Reviews Cars

That's a bit less power but 36 percent more maximum torque than the Cruze's turbocharged 1.4-liter gasoline engine puts out. Two attributes necessary to draw diesel fans to Chevy's diesel. Some common problems with the Chevrolet Cruze include the transmission not shifting, the scent of anti-freeze in the car and premature clutch failure. The Chevrolet Cruze model year with the most complaints is the 2011 model. If the issue is with a Chevrolet Cruze transmission not shifting, an individual could be looking at a very costly repair

Handling (1) Looks/Style (1) Family Car (1) Would Buy (2) Displaying 1 - 10 of 12 reviews for 2018 Chevrolet Cruze . 1 2 Next. 2018 Chevrolet Cruze Review. glonas writes: Overall So disappointed as I really love the Cruze but will likely never again buy a Chevy. This car has serious coolant and oil problems. So much so that my turbo is toast The new 2018 Chevy Equinox utilizes a 1.6L turbodiesel engine that European journalists have nicknamed flüster diesel, or whisper diesel, for its muted noise and vibration qualities. This engine is 65% quieter than the Jaguar F-Pace Diesel, according to General Motors' Assistant Chief Engineer Mike Siegrist

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