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17 and 18 April - Denmark suffers a severe defeat to the German Confederation in the Battle of Dybbøl which effectively decides the war. 9 May - Denmark wins a tactical victory in the Battle of Heligoland but it has no impact on the outcome of the war. 12 May - A general armistice came into effect, Denmark has lost the war German-Danish War, also called Second Schleswig War, (1864), the second of two conflicts over the settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein question, a complex of problems arising from the relationship of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein to Denmark, to each other, and to the German Confederation Denmark's defeat to Prussia and Austria in the Second Schleswig War in 1864 meant that the Danish state lost the two German duchies of Holstein and Lauenburg, and the ethnically mixed Danish duchy of Schleswig; a loss of a third of its territory and 40% of the state's population 1864 - a fateful year in Danish history 1864, is the year when Denmark lost Southern Jutland to the Prussians and Southern Jutland and the Sønderborg-area remains under German rule until the Reunification in 1920. War is frightening, yet fascinating - and the war of 1864 is no exception

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  1. Dansk-tyska kriget eller andra schleswigska kriget (danska: 2. Slesvigske Krig; tyska: Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg) [2] kallas det krig som under 1864 utspelade sig mellan Danmark och ett antal tyska stater med Preussen och Österrike i spetsen, med anledning av en tvist om hertigdömet Slesvig. Kriget kan ses som en fortsättning på slesvig-holsteinska kriget 1848-1851
  2. War and the final settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein question. Prussia and Austria declared war upon Denmark. Their action was governed by a request on January 16, 1864, for Denmark to rescind its November 1863 constitution; within days, Denmark refused to do so. The Austro-Prussian demand provided for a joint settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein.
  3. The War of 1864 was fought and ended in 1864 but resulted in a major defeat for Denmark and King Christian IX. The Danish defeat and the subsequent political finger pointing by politicians and the military may have been the reason why the medals for the 1848- 1850 and 1864 wars were not created earlier
  4. The Danes are thrilled after the victory in the 1st Schleswig War. Danish politicians now dream of incorporating Schleswig into the Kingdom of Denmark, in defiance of the peace agreement. In a small community, the brothers Peter (Jens Sætter-Lassen) and Laust (Jakob Oftebro) grow up, and both fall in love with Inge (Marie Tourell Søderberg)
  5. Denmark-Norway (1643-1645) Defeat Peace of Westphalia. Habsburg supremacy curtailed; Rise of the Bourbon dynasty; Rise of the Swedish Empire; Decentralization of the Holy Roman Empire; Franco-Spanish War until 1659; Substantial decline in the power and influence of the Catholic Church; 1643-1645 Torstenson War
  6. Historically, the Danish-Prussian War of 1864 was the first step towards the unification of Germany. Although Austria and Prussia acted as allies against Denmark, in fact the conflict turned into a test of strength between them for the right to lead the integration process in Germany

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May 16, 2015 - war of 1864 denmark and germany - Google Searc A Danish Campaign Medal for War of 1864 - Christian IX, bronze medal, 30mm, very fine condition. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's minimum advertised price. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price

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This is a fan edit of the climatic battle in the danish tv series 1864. The sequence shows the battle between Denmark and Prussia. NOTE: This is just an edit.. The Battle of Dybbøl.Scenery of the Dybbøl Mill after the battle. The Battle of Dybbøl (Danish language: Slaget ved Dybbøl. German language Erstürmung der Düppeler Schanzen) was the key battle of the Second Schleswig War and occurred on the morning of 18 April 1864 following a siege starting on 7 April. Denmark suffered a severe defeat against Prussia, which decided the war 13-10-2014 - In 2014 it is 150 years since Denmark lost the duchies Slesvig, Holsten and Lauenborg in the war of 1864. The war was against Prussia and Austria and the reason for the conflict was Slesvig because of the nationalism that really started to blossom at this time. The defeat had huge consequences for Denmark and meant that Denmark was reduced from a great power to a small state The Second Schleswig War (Danish language: 2. Slesvigske Krig German language Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg1) was the second military conflict as a result of the Schleswig-Holstein Question. It began on 1 February 1864, when Prussian forces crossed the border into Schleswig. Denmark fought Prussia and Austria. Like the First Schleswig War (1848-51), it was fought for control of the duchies.

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One thing that did come across very well was the impact that losing the Second Schleswig War had upon Denmark. Before the war she was a country of some importance in Europe; after it she was consigned to the sidelines. A brief history of the Second Schleswig War of 1864 As a consequence of the Treaty of Vienna (1815),. 13-10-2014 - Se mere om bøgerne og find anmeldelser på gyldendal.dk: http://goo.gl/BIrrg Tag med Tom Buk-Swienty til de sønderjyske slagmarker som han beskriver i. Jul 9, 2017 - Danish troops during the Second Schleswig War, 1864 1864 is an eight-part Danish miniseries which deals with Denmark's defeat in the Second Schleswig War between the Kingdom of Denmark and the German Confederation (Prussia and Austria) in 1864. The main story is about the two Danish brothers Laust and Peter Jensen who both fall in love with Inge Juhl and later fight in the Battle of Dybbøl on 18 April 1864 Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg. Printed in 1817 for use in schools. Sønderborg Slot - Tøjhusmuseet Inge Adriansen and Jens Ole Christensen The Second Schleswig War 1864 Prelude, Events and Consequences. Preface More than 3,500 articles and books have been published in Danish and German about the War.

The sick thing about war (besides all the war) is that a hell of a lot of hear-to-believe, heart-twisting tales come from when humans group together to murder other groups of humans. 1864: Denmark. Battle of DybbølOne of the greatest battles between Liberals and Conservative PEER REVIEWED. What on earth just happened in the rotten kingdom of Denmark? This may well have been Hamlet's reaction had he witnessed the fierce debate in the Danish media occasioned by the television series 1864, Ole Bornedal's historical drama set during the Second Schleswig War. The series spawned more than 800 articles, reviews and interviews in the press On 1 February 1864, the Austrian and Prussian armies invaded Denmark. On 13 March 1864, the International Committee decided to send two delegates to the scene of the fighting: Dr Appia to the Austro-Prussian armies, and Captain Van de Velde (the Netherlands delegate to the 1863 Geneva Conference) to Denmark

1864 - Second Schleswig-Holstein War. which those two great powers had wrested from Denmark in 1864, led to a short but fierce and decisive war in the summer of 1866 War With Denmark (1864) The actual occasion for war between the two leading Powers of the Germanic Confederation sprang from the thorny problem of the Schleswig and Holstein duchies. These duchies, although subject to the Crown of Denmark,. The naval Battle of Jasmund (also known as the Battle of Rügen) took place between elements of the Danish and Prussian navies on 17 March 1864 during the Second Schleswig War.The action took place east of the Jasmund peninsula on the Prussian island of Rügen, during a Prussian attempt to weaken the Danish blockade in the Baltic Sea.The Prussian squadron, commanded by Eduard von Jachmann. 2nd Schleswig War (1864): March 17, 1864, the Prussian navy made an attempt to break the Danish naval blockade. The attempt failed. In the center of the picture can be seen the frigate SJ LLAND followed by the ship of the line SKJOLD. (Photo: Archives of the Royal Danish Naval Museum). Triumph at se 1st Schleswig war (1848 - 50): The War where the Navy again became the Leading Light - and the Ray of Comfort - for Denmark. The Danish fleet managed to keep a total blockade of the north German coastal harbors. Apart from the Eckernförde catastrophic affair the navy went from victory to victory

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  1. After having been under German control since the war of 1864, South Jutland as far north as the stream Kongeåen had been returned to Denmark through a ballot in 1920. Between 1864 and 1920 a large number of Germans moved to South Jutland, some with the help of a German organisation which bought up farms and resold them on favourable terms to Germans who wanted to move to South Jutland
  2. 1864, TV review: Refreshing and raw: a view of life in 19th-century Denmark. 1864 offers a refreshing new perspective on 19th-century history, where Britain is humbled to find itself only one of.
  3. Denmark was involved in the following military actions: 1563-70 The Seven Years' War of the North 1611-13 The Kalmar War 1643-45 Conflict between Denmark and Sweden 1657-1658 War with Sweden. Loss of Scanian Provinces including Bornholm. 1660 War with Sweden. Bornholm is returned to Denmark. 1675-79 The Scanian War. 1700-20 The Great Northern War
  4. i (AD) designations, the 864th year of the 2nd millennium, the 64th year of the 19th century, and the 5th year of the 1860s decade. As of the start of 1864, the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ahead of the Julian.
  5. We give you a short introduction to the war of 1864. The story of 1864 is about an armed conflict between great European powers and a smaller state. The conflict arose from a disagreement over how a question of national affiliation should be resolved - furthermore, it is about what constitutional, societal and human costs the outcome of this conflict would have
  6. Pages in category 1864 in Denmark The following 12 pages are in this category, Second Schleswig War; V. Treaty of Vienna (1864) Last edited on 23 February 2019, at 15:43. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This page was last edited.

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A very good book on a small war in 1864 in Europe create by ignoring prior agreements with the big European powers. Denmark made big mistakes by taking on both Prussia and Austria. Both of these nations could easily win battles and war with Denmark. Denmark failed to get support from England and France because Denmark ignored prior treaties Historical Map of Europe & the Mediterranean (30 October 1864 - Second Schleswig War: The two most powerful German states were Austria and Prussia. After the German occupation of Holstein (1863), they demanded that Denmark relinquish Schleswig. When the Danes refused to back down, the Austrians and Prussians invaded. By October Denmark had been overrun and forced to come to terms 13-01-2017 - Second Schleswig War 1864 - Uniforms - Page1. Pinterest. Udforsk. The battle took place in the 4th of December 1676 between Charles XI of Sweden's 8000 strong army and Christian V of Denmark-Norway's 13,000 strong army,. The German-Danish War (also Second Schleswig shear War or Second Schleswig-Holstein war as opposed to the war from 1848 to 1851 ) to hostilities around was Schleswig-Holstein , and especially to the Duchy of Schleswig, between the Empire of Austria and the Kingdom of Prussia on the one side and the Kingdom of Denmark on the other, from 1 February to 30 October 1864

  1. Historian Gary Gallagher discusses the pivotal 1864 presidential election and the ramifications it had upon the American Civil War. This video is part of the American Battlefield Trust's In4 video series, which presents short videos on basic Civil War topics
  2. Major battle sequences in the film, about the war between Denmark and Prussia in 1864, required 270 extras, who, all told, clocked 18,000 hours on set. One day, a downpour caused some walls on the.
  3. Seller Notes: Established by King Christian IX, this medal was awarded to recognize veterans of the Army and Navy who participated in the war for the homeland in 1848-1850, or 1864, and were still alive in 1876.Three medals were instituted in recognition of these wars. One for the 1848-1850 participants of war, one for the 1864 participants of the war and one for both 1848-1850 and 1864.
  4. events, Second War of Schleswig 1864, Battle of Als, 29.6.1864, Prussian troops crossing the Alssund and landing on Als Island, print after painting by Ernst Zimmer.
  5. Buy 1864: The forgotten war that shaped modern Europe Main by Buk-Swienty, Tom, Buk-Swienty, Annette (ISBN: 9781781252765) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders
  6. With its economy highly reliant on Great Britain, Germany and other European nations, Denmark had to navigate between the two belligerent blocks during the war. This combined with shortages and inflationary pressures lead to a massive growth in state intervention in the economic and social spheres. During the war, class divisions widened but government policies kept destitution (and left-wing.

War Austria and Prussia against Denmark expedition 1864 - Soldiers with cannons on Bastion Oldenburg (original text) - Published by: 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung' 07 / 1914 with caption conquered pieces of artillery in the Danish fortress FredericiaVintage property of ullstein bild (Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images American Civil War - American Civil War - The war in 1864-65: Finally dissatisfied with Halleck as general in chief and impressed with Grant's victories, Lincoln appointed Grant to supersede Halleck and to assume the rank of lieutenant general, which Congress had re-created. Leaving Sherman in command in the west, Grant arrived in Washington on March 8, 1864 War against The Netherlands (1542-1543) [edit | edit source] 1542 - War breaks out between France and the German Emperor. Emperor Charles V supports Frederick II, Elector Palatine for the Danish crown, and Denmark participates in the war on the side of France; 1543 - Denmark declares war on Netherlands, that are under the rule of Charle

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This category is located at Category:Commemorative Medal of War against Denmark 1864. Note: This category should be empty. Any content should be recategorised. This tag should be used on existing categories that are likely to be used by others, even though the real category is elsewhere The Campaign Medal for Denmark 1864. Since the London accords of 1852 the duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg were attached by personal union to Denmark. Following the new constitution of 1863 Denmark integrated these areas into the state which caused a protest from the Deutsche Bund

1864: Denmark's War S1 Ep3 Monrad forces a new constitution through parliament that incorporates Schleswig into the Danish kingdom and, as expected, triggers a declaration of war from Prussia Join Historian Gary Gallagher as he discusses the pivotal 1864 presidential election and the ramifications it had upon the American Civil War. Watch now to f.. But tensions continued and Denmark was defeated by Germany in a renewed conflict in 1864. As a result, Denmark had to cede all three duchies. The northern, predominantly Danish part of Schleswig, returned under Danish rule in 1920 as a result of a plebiscite following Germany's defeat in World War I. Denmark remained neutral in World War I United States presidential election of 1864, American presidential election held on Nov. 8, 1864, in which Republican Pres. Abraham Lincoln defeated Democrat George B. McClellan . As the election occurred during the American Civil War , it was contested only by the states that had not seceded fro What Denmark's new drama 1864 tells us about British nationalism on television. In Denmark, the programme has become much more than either a history lesson or a piece of evening entertainmen

Save These Three 1864 Battlefields. Each of these battles is a piece in the puzzle of the larger strategies that characterized the final year of the war. But if we don't act swiftly, these 95 acres of hallowed ground could be lost forever The 1864 Diary of Union Civil War Soldier Sergeant Samuel E. Grosvenor. 127 likes. For nine months Sgt. Samuel E. Grosvenor was a POW at Andersonville. He kept a small diary while captive in 1864,.. On March 26th the Prime Minister of Canada will officially exonerate the six Chilcotin War Chiefs of any wrongdoing. While standing where the war Chiefs were..

Civil War Study Group Inc. at Lake of the Woods, Virginia, Locust Grove, Virginia. 502 likes · 1 talking about this. Civil War Study Group in Lake of the Woods, Virginia, is a non-profit corporation.. In 2014 it is 150 years since Denmark lost the duchies Slesvig, Holsten and Lauenborg in the war of 1864. The war was against Prussia and Austria and the reason for the conflict was Slesvig because of the nationalism that really started to blossom at this time WAR 1864 PRUSSIA V DENMARK

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Home Research Outputs Scandinavianism and the war of 1864 Scandinavianism and the war of 1864 Research output : Other contribution › Web publication/Blog pos 33204 Denmark and Germany 1864 Benjamin Disraeli. Mr. Speaker,—Some of the longest and most disastrous wars of modern Europe have been wars of succession. The Thirty Years' War was a war of succession. It arose from a dispute respecting the inheritance of a duchy in the north of Europe, not very distant from that Duchy of Holstein which now engages. Seeing no other option Prussia and Austria signed a convention in 1864 and invaded Schleswig. Austria and Prussia easily defeated Denmark, which was left to fight alone, and the independence of the duchies was suspended, but not solved leaving Austria as the only hindrance to Prussian annexation of Schleswig-Holstein

Plus Modus, Kabul Kitchen and 1864: Denmark's War as SBS on Demand adds a slew of further world dramas. Read mor Warfare in the Age of Steam: Second Schleswig war 1864 Photo about Old Danish 1864 defense works fortifications near Dybboel, Denmark. Image of fort, memorial, monument - 16043527 The war was very difficult for Denmark and her people as the British blockade of Germany also cut off sea routes for trade with Denmark. As a result Denmark had a surplus of items it would normally export and a deficit of things they would normally import resulting in severe economic disruptions

Results of the War. The war marked the end of French military domination in Europe. The new German Empire emerged as Europe's foremost military power. Prussia dominated this new German state. The war and its aftermath created great bitterness between the two countries and sowed the seeds for the First World War Mar 24, 2016 - Second Schleswig War 1864 - Uniforms - Page The war against Schleswig-Holstein ended in January 1851. By agreements of 1851 and 1852, the Danes agreed not to try and make Slesvig closer to Denmark than Holstein. However war began again in 1864. Despite the agreement, Denmark tried to absorb Slesvig in 1863. On 1 February 1864 Prussian and Austrian forces crossed the Eider

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1864 in Denmark [LLC, Books] on Amazon.com.au. *FREE* shipping on eligible orders. 1864 in Denmark The shock of defeat is difficult for the politicians in Copenhagen to accept. Monrad accuses the king of treason for attempting to negotiate with the Prussians. Johan seeks out the families of the fallen and gives Inge's mother Laust's last letter. The news he has for the Baron is too hard to bear. Peter returns home a changed man Now, they apparently decided to tackle one of the lesser known chapters of history, the German-Danish war of 1864, known in Denmark as the 2nd Slesvig War. An affair, completely forgotten in Germany and Austria, overshadowed by the American Civil War taking place at the same time,. The invasion of Denmark in 1864 by Antonio Carlo Napoleone Gallenga, unknown edition The Second Schleswig War began on February 1, 1864 when Prussia crossed into Schleswig. It was fought between Denmark, Prussia and Austria

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Events and Battles in The Year 1864 in the Timeline of the American Civil War Major Battes of 1864. May 5-7, Battle Of The Wilderness, Virginia May 8-21, Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia May 15, Battle of New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia May 31-June 12, Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia June 15-18, Battle of Petersburg, Virginia July 30, Battle of the Crater, Siege of. in the world to the huge forces involved in the American Civil War. The invasion of the Waikato took place over 10 months between July 1863 and April 1864. It was one of the major campaigns of the New Zealand Wars, occurring about midway through the series of conflicts. It involved over 12,00 The Indian war of 1864 : being a fragment of the early history of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming : Ware, Eugene Fitch, 1841-1911 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive. The Indian war of 1864 : being a fragment of the early history of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. Item Preview

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Free 2-day shipping. Buy Schleswig-Holstein 1864 Na Prussian Assault On The Danish Redoubt At Duppel Denmark During The War Of Schleswig-Holstein Wood Engraving English 1864 Rolled Canvas Art - (24 x 36) at Walmart.co I was just wondering if somebody out there was working on a mod where you can play as Denmark in the war between Denmark-Prussia in the year 1864 War of the Triple Alliance (1864-70) Sort By: Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low Show: 25 50 10 Ironclads: Schleswig War 1864 The Danish government wanted to annex the duchy of Schleswig to the Danish kingdom while the Prussian government, for internal political and strategic reasons, wanted Schleswig to finally became a part of Germany As many as 674,000 men might have been taken prisoner during the Civil War. At first prisoners were paroled or exchanged, but this mostly ended in early 1864. Union officials thought that released Confederates would return to the military. Over 400,000 men were held in prisons in the north and south until the end of the war in April 1865

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The Wars of Unification 1864 Danish War.Austria and Prussia defeat Denmark, over northern Germany. Joint administration with Austria leads to permanent tension which had tried to gain control 1866 Austro-Prussian War.No harsh sanction against Austria, but Austria no longer a factor in Germany. Europe in 1871 (1) How did the map of Europe change after the unification of Italy and Germany June/July 1864 - On June 3, 1864, the post office agent at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, complained to General Samuel Curtis of westbound mail train robberies by the Cheyenne.On the same date, Colorado Governor John Evans sent a second request for troops to General Curtis, stating: It will be destruction and death to Colorado if our lines of communication are cut off, or if they are not kept. Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more During the Civil War on March 28, 1864, anti-war Democrats clashed with Union soldiers on leave in Charleston, Illinois, on the Coles County courthouse square.This event, which would come to be known as the Charleston Riot, left nine dead and twelve wounded, making it one of the deadliest soldier-civilian encounters in the N orth during the Civil War Start your review of An Uncommon Soldier: The Civil War Letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, Alias Pvt. Lyons Wakeman, 153rd Regiment, New York State Volunteers, 1862-1864 Write a review May 11, 2019 Sallan rated it really liked i

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Lincoln on the 1864 Election Some of Lincoln's contemporaries suggested that the 1864 election be postponed until after the Civil War. Lincoln wasn't having it. Read this letter and see why Lincoln felt the election was necessary and important for the nation. Report broken lin Civil War Battles in Virginia 1864 They are in the order in which they occurred during the Civil War. Since Virginia saw the most battles during the Civil War I have broken them down by each year. Civil War Battles in Virginia 1861 Civil War Battles in Virginia 1862 Civil War Battles in Virgini The 1864 election occurred during the Civil War; none of the states loyal to the Confederate States of America participated. Read More . Republicans loyal to Lincoln, in opposition to a group of Republican dissidents who nominated John C. Frémont, joined with a number of War Democrats to form the National Union Party Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1864 CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA RICHMOND 50 FIFTY CENTS BILL at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Laws of War : Adaptation to Maritime Warfare of Principles of Geneva Convention of 1864 (Hague, III); July 29,189 National Park Service ranger Steve Phan discussed the Union Army's initiative to build forts around Washington, D.C. The Battle of Fort Stevens, a campaign by Confederate Lieutenant General Jubal. Armies of the War of the Triple Alliance 1864-70: Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina (Men-at-Arms, Band 499) | Esposito, Gabriele, Rava, Giuseppe | ISBN: 9781472807250 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon In 1864, Victoria pressed her ministers not to intervene in the Prussia-Austria-Denmark war meski ada tekanan untuk membantu Denmark dan mencegah Pan-German terbentuk dari parlemen, untuk menjaga balance of power di Eropa. To cut the story short, Victoria secara ga langsung membuat German Nationalism on the rise. Damn fat rosbi The Atlanta Campaign of 1864: The Camera at War. Today it is hard to imagine two massive armies maneuvering and clashing in the area that is now Atlanta: one army attempting to force its will upon the future metropolis and the other doing everything in its power to resist that will

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On February 20, 1864, the Battle of Olustee (also known as the Battle of Ocean Pond) was fought in Baker County, Florida. It was the largest battle of the Civil War fought in Florida and involved more than 10,000 soldiers, including three regiments of US Colored Troops.When the five-hour fight was over, Confederate forces claimed victory, and Union soldiers retreated to Jacksonville, where. Lincoln's chances of reelection in 1864 were dim. He was presiding over a bloody civil war, and the public was losing confidence in him. But he steadfastly rejected pleas to postpone the election

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War in Taranaki 1860-61 and 1864-66. The New Zealand Wars | Ngā Pakanga o Aotearoa campaigns in the Taranaki region were initiated by settler and the New Zealand Government's demand for arable land. The spark was a dispute over land held at Waitara by Māori, but conflict soon spread throughout the Taranaki region. SCIS no. 1966002 SCI Although some 6,000 Danes are estimated to have joined the corps of Danish Nazis known as Free Corps Denmark during the war, the Danish resistance movement is estimated to have included well over 20,000 Danes who worked to actively undermine the German occupation Free 2-day shipping. Buy Schleswig-Holstein 1864. Nprince Friedrich Karl And Staff Directing The Assault On Duppel Denmark During The War Of at Walmart.co Denne fil er udgivet under Creative Commons Kreditering-Del på samme vilkår 3.0 Ikke-porteret-licensen : Du har frihed til: at dele - at kopiere, distribuere og sende værket; at remixe - at bearbejde værket; På følgende vilkår: kreditering - Du skal kreditere værket på passende vis og indikere, om du har foretaget ændringer. Du må gøre dette på enhver rimelig måde, men ikke.

When Nationalism Strikes Back | The National Interest1864, TV review: Refreshing and raw: a view of life inSoldat fra 1864 2 | Ukendt preussisk soldat fra 1864DENMARK
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