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David Gaider wrote Anders in Awakening, while Jennifer Hepler took over the role for Dragon Age II. However, the role that Anders plays in the sequel was set by Gaider prior to anyone writing him. The writers weren't sure Anders would be the Awakening character coming over to Dragon Age II and merging with Justice — for a while it was going to be Velanna. Though Anders uses a fire spell when you first meet him in Awakening, he does not have the spell when he joins the party Sebastian ( approval · dialogue) Tallis ( dialogue) Varric ( approval · dialogue) See also: Hawke ( dialogue) Anders ' dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Anders shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events

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That said, I always kill Anders, even if he is probably my most valuable party member in Dragon Age 2, but he outright betrays you. Anders takes advantage of your friendship and tricks you into helping him by claiming it will exorcise his inner spirit, and thus he spirals a conflict into a never-ending spiral of disaster by killing the one person of importance who is actually trying to stop it from happening Dragon age 2 quest approval guide Share can be achieved by The Friendship of The Meeral: In With The Sideing Mages or The Qeasts. Choosing options that support blood magic or devils. This is being accepted in the conversation. Act 1 [Edit Source] Act of Mercy: Tell Grace that you will engage The Telpilar( Tehresk) But, if your using Anders as a support/healer, you NEED Panacea active to even cast Aid Allies/Revive(forgetting real name at this time). I know it's range is a pitiful 6 meters(approx. 18 feet), and it's regen rate is pathetic as well, I said earlier it has NOTHING on MageHawke Spirit Healer tree earlier The Questioning Beliefs companion quest opens up in the middle of Act 2 after some of the main plot Dragon Age 2 quests have been completed. Note: If you are trying to romance Anders and Fenris at the same time, this quest may appear twice on your companion quest list. Go to Fenris mansion

Meeting Merrill. In Act 1 of Dragon Age 2, Merrill will be part of a main plot quest called A Long Way Home. You and your companions must deliver Flemeth's amulet to the Keeper in Sundermount. Travel to Sundermount and speak to the Keeper. To help you fulfill your quest, you will see Merrill who up the path nearby Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Even though you can still deploy Dragon Age 2 cheats on Xbox or PS4, it is the Dragon Age 2 PC console commands and cheats that bring the game to life. How to Enable the Dragon Age 2 Console (PC Only) There are four ways you can use to activate the console in your Dragon Age 2 game. Follow the one you find to be the simplest Like, comment, subscribe

Dragon Age 2 romance guide. By Matt Hughes 16 March 2011. Learn what it takes to charm the pants of every man, woman, so he'll often clash with Anders and Merrill If you do not know where your Override folder is, it is found under the same Dragon Age 2 folder that stores your user data If you are upgrading from the previous version, you may simply delete Anders Romance Outfit Change - v 2.erf and paste in Anders Romance Outfit Change - v 3.erf without running the uninstaller

---Exploring everything games have to offer.---Tumblr: https://danaduchy.tumblr.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/danaduchySecond channel: https://www... To Catch a Thief: When talking to Isabela outside of the Lost-End Foundry, tell her that she can keep the relic. ( +5) Demands of the Qun: Accept Aveline in your party, after the attack on your small party in the Qunari Compound and short cutscene ( +10 )

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  1. For the Steam version of the game, Right-click the Dragon Age 2 option, and select Properties under the My Games Steam tab. In the General tab, select Set Launch Options, enter -enabledeveloperconsole in that field, and accept it. While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window
  2. Dragon Age's romances rely heavily on the player's approval level with their companions.Recruiting the assassin doesn't exactly please fellow Warden, Alistair, but accepting Zevran's offer of service without constantly asking how long before his inevitable betrayal is the first step toward earning his trust. Zev is generally laid back, and earning his approval beyond that is relatively easy if.
  3. Dragon Age 2. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. Sebastian takes a seat with the rest of the non-Anders companions... literally, he's been moved into the group shot. Hawke tells Anders to either leave or to fight with the mages AND 2) Sebastian's approval is maxed out one way or the other
  4. The DA2 approach definitely leaves much to be desired in that department, pun COMPLETELY intended. Fenris on the other hand, given his retreat and return to the romance, his in-play sweet nothings, and his passionate make outs, with appropriate build up, made way for a far more satisfying romance angle

Unlike becoming King or Queen in Dragon Age: Origins, Only Anders will not stay on your side if you complete all of the companion quests and max out their approvals. 2. Elect to Decide what to do with Anders. If you don't kill him now,. For Dragon Age II on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Anders 'cleric' build Dragon Age 4 Should Answer One Big Question From Dragon Age 2. As BioWare moves ahead with the development of Dragon Age 4, there's one lingering question from Dragon Age 2 that ought to be resolved

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How to unlock the Loyalty of the Prince achievement in Dragon Age II: Hawke refuses to help Anders (15F). her responses will override this and the approval gain will not be possible (5F) - Make Anders a priority, as he's the only healer you can have all the time(if you aren't a mage). - Always go exploring in Kirkwall and other areas. It's very easy to miss gifts this time, and they all are character specific! Each character only has 2 gifts, giving 15+ approval. - Side quests = more talking opportunities with the party members It's possible to max out everyone's friendship (or rivalry) before the end of Act 2. Just use the Dragon Age Wiki and find which quests offer friendship bonus and rivalry bonuses and change your party members (ie, add someone who will get friendship bonuses and take out those who will get rivalry) There is no best possible ending. No matter what your choices are, who you romance (save Anders and Sebastian, lmao), what your specialties are, the ending is always going to be almost like the other ending you would have received. Most of the dec..

The companions of Dragon Age 2 are not just quiet stereotypes who assist you in battle. They have strong personalities, with their own goals and motivations. This can lead to a rivalry or friendship with your Hawke, even while they work together or fall in love Dragon Age II is a 2011 action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts (EA). It is the second major game in the Dragon Age series and the successor to Dragon Age: Origins (2009). Set in the world of Thedas, players assume the role of Hawke, a human mage, rogue, or warrior who arrives in the city of Kirkwall as a lowly refugee, and becomes its legendary. Mages: alright now im going to try to stay passive with this one so let me say this right now MAGES ROCK in this game. ok now that i've said that here are some drawbacks: #1 defense is terrible at the start, #2 if you aren't of the mage class you only have one mage that can be a spirit healer and thats Bethany, anders is a terrible healer if you compare his vengence specialization to a Spirit.

Dragon Age II thrusts players into the role of Hawke, a penniless refugee who rises to power to become the single most important character in the world of Dragon Age. Genres : RPG Violence, Sexual. Page 1 of 3 - Remove approval in act 3? - posted in Dragon Age 2 Mod Talk: I am not sure whether this is the right forum for this. I hope it is. I have noticed that no matter what you choose in the console with the runscript zz_app_debug command - add or remove approval - you will always add approval past act1. In other words, if I want to remove approval in act2 or 3 the command works in.

Related: Dragon Age: The Justice of Anders. If Zevran's approval rating is high enough, he will fight with the Warden to take Taliesin down and free himself from the Crows. However, if his approval is too low, Zevran makes an appearance in Dragon Age 2 For Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Anders loves me? Dragon Age 2 Achievement/Trophy Guide. Bethany %26amp; Carver. Armor Upgrades. Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils Fereldan Gilded Plating. Both of Bethany and Carver's only piece of armor upgrade.

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  1. As the title says, this adds a small dialogue with Anders at Vigil's Keep, which allows the Warden (male or female) to kiss or have sex with him. Responses will be different according to relationship level, persuasion skills or the level of intimacy reached. You can be nice to him or a complete jerk, which will also have approval consequences
  2. You can shop and talk to your companions all you want, that's safe. If Oghren comes with you or if you talk to him, be very careful with his approval. You need a 90+ approval from him to finish his personal quest, and his gift-giving is bugged. I recommend using the Dragon Age wiki for it. Go outside
  3. Dragon Age 2 romance guide. By Matt Hughes 16 March 2011. Learn what it takes to charm the pants of every man, woman, and elf with our handy romance walkthrough. Comments; Page 2 of 5
  4. Anders (Dragon Age) (2) Hawke (Dragon Age) (2) Varric Tethras (2) Leandra Hawke (2) Aveline Vallen (2) Include Relationships Bethany Hawke/Male Hawke (19) Bethany Hawke/Carver Hawke (2) Gamlen Amell/Bethany Hawke (2) Male Hawke/Isabela (Dragon Age) (2) Alistair/Female Warden (Dragon Age) (1) Alistair/Warden (Dragon Age) (1) Carver Hawke/Isabela (1

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Dragon Age II for Xbox 360. If you've discovered a cheat you' A generator that can create importable Dragon Age: Origins for Dragon Age 2 with user-specified options for plot, characters, etc Also there is a Mass Effect 2 save editor that you can download. 574K Isabela is a former pirate and captain of The Siren's Call ship, but she's also everyone's favorite busty rogue. The opportunity to recruit th Also, the lead-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition (and I suspect a fair amount of the initial positive response upon release) was all about people hoping it wouldn't be a dud like Dragon Age 2. It's not like there's suddenly going to be a situation where the failures of the game are covered up by a wily cabal of Dragon Age 2 fanatics trying to rewrite history

dragon age ii: dammit anders by ChewedTurkey on DeviantArt aahhaha i drew this ages ago on my tumblr i have barely drawn anything besides fanart these past few months but i don't really care because it is practi... dragon age ii: dammit anders An argument in favor of Anders' actions in Dragon Age 2. By Ash. Jan 19, 2021. Dragon Age Dragon Age (2009): Flemeth, A Character Analysis. A character analysis of Flemeth, one of the reoccurring characters of Dragon Age. How to Get Maximum Approval From Cole in Dragon Age:. Code: Select all 7EE6E73DA5E1CC429877410D15AD0104,BOOL,DA2 - Did Hawke approve of Anders' actions at the Chantry? Yes E1C6F5206762484B9820B5BA003B038C,INT,DA2 - Who.

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  1. Option 2: Propose that you give Misha some money. Persuade Misha that you will give her 15 $ for this ring. You may also give her 20 $ or 30 $, but the result will be the same - (+6) approval from Sigrun. Velanna's Joining. Quest giver: You will get this quest after completing the task The Righteous Pat
  2. Dragon Age 2 Wiki Guide. Fenris. Top Contributors: Stephanie-IGN, IGNGuides-Stephanie, Sng-ign + more. Anders, or Merrill also effectively ends the romance with Fenris
  3. Bioware and Edge of Reality's video game franchise, Dragon Age, is a fantasy role-playing game series.It released its first game, Dragon Age Origins, in 2009, and its latest, Dragon Age: Inquisition, in 2014. It's an exceptional series that has won the hearts - and spare time - of thousands of players across the world
  4. ed to achieve his goals even if sacrifices have to be made. His weak spot is women and inability to understand how magic works. 1 Major decisions 1.1.

After this is finished a screen will appear showing you the Plot Falgs that change on your current save. This only changes Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 Plot Flags, so no worries about your Dragon Age Inquisition Plot Flags. Saving is the same as with the previous tutoria See a recent post on Tumblr from @royalpratart about da2. Discover more posts about dragon age, fenris, hawke, anders, isabela, merrill, and da2 Dragon Age: Origins (1) Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (1) Dragon Age: Inquisition (1) Include Characters Carver Hawke (36) Female Hawke (Dragon Age) (36) Leandra Hawke (10) Bethany Hawke (8) Hawke (Dragon Age) (6) Varric Tethras (6) Fenris (Dragon Age) (4) Bodahn Feddic (3) Original Characters (2) Anders (Dragon Age) (2 One of the most iconic heroes of the Dragon Age franchise is Hawke. The first fully-voiced player character of the BioWare franchise, it's up to the player to choose dialogue options depicting Hawke as diplomatic, sarcastic or aggressive.. There's more to Hawke than just a voice, however. Regardless of the character's gender, Hawke was the central figure for their family and the one everyone. Another one of Dragon Age's unique qualities is building relationships with party members to garner their approval or disapproval. in Dragon Age 2, Anders and Fenris in Dragon Age 2, and Sera and Vivienne in Inquisition, share interesting and unique conversations, often taking repeated jabs at each other while walking around

Our Dragon Age II Walkthrough provides a full walkthrough, side quests, and tips on building a powerful party. By Kurtis Seid on February 3, 2012 at 2:19PM PST Comment As the sequel to 2009's Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II had a lot to live up to. By no means a carbon copy of its predecessor, the second installment of BioWare's dark fantasy epic series saw changes to game structure, combat mechanics, and companion relationships. Though DAII is considered the least loved entry of the series so far, it deserves credit where credit is due Dragon Age: Origins doesn't The approval system that governs your relationship with party members is an intriguing dynamic on its own, (including Dragon Age 2's Anders),. About Dragon Age II Game Guide. Author: Jacek Stranger Halas for gamepressure.com. Translator: Jakub Cilgan Lasota & Maciej Elrond Myrcha. last update: May 25, 2016. Guide contains: 252 pages, 2714 images.. Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide

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1 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Companions FAQ Anders Race Human Anders is a human mage, who has escaped the Circle of Magi seven times, only to be captured and bought back into the Circle. Even though the templars accuses him as a maleficar, he's only an apostate trying to break free from the Circle and the templars Dragon Age II, the second main video game in BioWare's Dragon Age series, features an ensemble cast of characters. Several returning characters from its antecedent Dragon Age: Origins may appear in a major or minor capacity, including Flemeth, Anders, Merrill, Isabela, Alistair, Zevran, Leliana, Marethari, Bodahn and Sandal Feddic.. The player character is Hawke, a human who lived in the.

Sep 20, 2015 - dragon age symbols and meanings - Google Searc Oghren is a crude dwarven berserker fond of all things alcoholic. He is a companion to The Warden in Dragon Age: Origins and a possible one to the Warden-Commander in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. 1 Involvement 1.1 Dragon Age: Origins 1.1.1 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening 2 Death (Determinant) 2.1 Killed By 3 Allies 4 Enemies 5 Appearances 6 Trivia After The Warden has spoken to either. Velanna is a Dalish elf mage and a potential companion in the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion. 1 Involvement 1.1 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening 1.1.1 Fate Left to defend Vigil's Keep(Unknown) Saved at Vigil's Keep(Alive) Spared the Architect with Velanna.. Dragon Age is a role-playing video game series by BioWare.The series has seen releases on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.. The first game in the series is Dragon Age: Origins, released in late 2009, which follows the story of a recent recruit to a legendary order of warriors known as the Grey Wardens Jan 2, 2016 - Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more

High-quality Dragon Age Tapestries designed and sold by artists. Hang 'em on walls, drape 'em on beds, divide a room, hide your secret stuff Jan 19, 2019 - Art by Gauntletto — I'M SO SORRY (not at all) Dragon Age x Dream.. To conclude, Dragon Age: Origins has everything I treasure in RPGs. It was clearly passionately crafted in its time. Therefore, it is, without a doubt, one of the best games I've ever played and I'm thankful that it will be a part of my fond memories of video games for many years to come This guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a detailed walkthrough of the main story and all side quests associated with each region, detailing easily missed features and hidden lore secrets along the way. The guide also covers all three main DLC: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, and all dialogue choices throughout the game Anders approval dragon age 2. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Standard keil 2838 door latch 1 . Building a foundation with god 2 . What is colitis in a dog 3 . Cme quarterly conference report forms 4 . 1930 world map with countries 5

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  1. In Dragon Age 2, I felt like most of the companions were designed to appeal to other groups foremost, Anders and Fenris for gays and Aveline for women given the lack of strong women in games, and.
  2. In the second act, you will be allowed to romance with Anders, by then you should develop a strong friendship with Anders. From this point onwards you should express your feeling in the conversations
  3. The results Anders got with his ingredients were distinctly magical, not chemical, in nature, because instead of charcoal for the final ingredient, he probably used magic. Maybe he wasn't lying about getting the recipe from Tevinter mages, for whom the magic might have been the primary component of the recipe and they discovered the chemicals enhanced its effects
  4. Anders first appeared as a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins Awakening and was also a companion in Dragon Age 2. Anders is an apostate who refuses to be restricted by the Circle of Magi.
  5. But the real and most hideous problem with Anders 2.0, is that he's a terrorist. Not content to be a whiny busybody with a messiah complex, Anders also wants to take bloody vengeance on the templars, and does so apparently, by blowing up a cathedral full of innocents, most of whom were neutral and/or sympathetic to the mages cause anyway

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Archers in Dragon Age 2 are somewhat of a mixed bag, but Varric's specialization gives him some good single-target damage options. However, you can focus more on other trees to give Varric a variety of AOE-effect talents to make him more of a controller/supporter than damage dealer, however, you'd be wastin For example, if you romance Anders, he's going to blow up the Kirkwall chantry. He'll ask you to kill him, but if you tell him to fight with you against the Templars, he'll fight with you, no questions asked. If you don't. Continue Reading. There is no best possible ending Well, Dragon Age 2 is finally here, and with it, a revamped romance system featuring a whole new set of companions to mash your pretty polygons against Some non-playable characters are also bisexual or gay in Dragon Age 2. During the First Sacrifice quest, Hawke can talk to an elf called Jethann in a side bedroom. He's a prostitute and a male Hawke can take advantage of his services. Zevran is another familiar face from Origins; he appears again briefly and can be flirted with (but not slept with)

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Dragon age 2 approval guide Edit Sharing friendships with Fenris can generally be earned by standing on some mages, not coddling him when he talks about his problems, but understanding them, being ruthless against slave traders and being kind to innocents- especially fairies and slaves- in the game See a recent post on Tumblr from @christinasketch about dragon-age-2-anders. Discover more posts about dragon-age-2-anders

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Dragon age 2 : Anders. Anders. C'est le Créateur qui a créé les mages. La Chantrie a été construite par des hommes, elle peut être détruite par eux. Anders, le mage rebelle au coeur léger de Dragon age: origins - Awakening, a changé. Pressé par son ami Justice de combattre plus activement le cercle des mages, Anders accepta de devenir son hôte. Dragon Age 2 Anders' Awakening by Fish-Box on DeviantArt | Dragon age funny, Dragon age games, Dragon age comics Jun 27, 2019 - I ship mHawke & Anders. See more ideas about dragon age 2, dragon age, dragon age inquisition

Now, while playing Dragon Age 2, press ~ to open the console window. Once Dev Console is open, type any of these cheat codes and press enter for the desired effect Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art Dragon age 2 : romance Anders Pour vivre une romance dans Dragon age 2, vous devez d'abord franchir la barre des 50% en amitié ou rivalité avec un compagnon et faire ses quêtes personnelles pour débloquer Les croyances en question à l'acte 2 Dragon Age 2 Anders Fan Page. 339 likes. Fictional Characte 8. Anders. Game: Dragon Age II Requirements: male or female. Anders is another Grey Warden, a mage who is helping people in Kirkwall by healing them. Though he deserted to avoid being captured by the Templars, he seems like a kind-hearted man who is a joy to romance whether your Hawke is male or female. However, Anders is not who he seems

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Dragon Age 2 Guide: How to Romance Anders. Dragon Age 2 Character Creation Guide. Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough: Act 1 Main Quests. This post is part of the series: Dragon Age 2 Class Guides. An overview of the skills for the classes in Dragon Age 2, as well as an introduction to them covering things such as useful attributes and detailing what. In Dragon Age: Origins she is highly devoted to the Chantry and seems quite naive, often citing her discovery of a white rose as a vision from the Maker telling her to joint Grey Warden. She is thus eager to be a companion of the group and is eager to chip in whenever she can Original Inquisitor Character (s) (Dragon Age) Non-Canon Inquisitor (Dragon Age) Post-Dragon Age: Inquisition Quest - Here Lies the Abyss. Canon-typical HLtA implied character death. Summary. This latest lead is a promising one, and if she can rid them of the taint, she wants to do it with Alistair at her side

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Anders (Dragon Age). 181 likes. Fugitive apostate and mage, healer and cat fancier, Justice and Vengeanc Anders, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age Awakening Hard Enamel Lapel Pin Badge. HauntYourHouse. 5 out of 5 stars. (2,218) $11.69. Favorite. Add to Dragon Age: Inquisition treats meet with their disapproval or approval, He does not miss his previous Dragon Age love interest, Anders. (That jerk!) He spent 85 hours on the campaign,.

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Former Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider has been pondering exactly that on Twitter, revealing a load of things he would've liked to change in the most polarising game in the series, Dragon Age 2. Unfortunately, none of his ideas involve fewer spiders Anders. Saved by Rosie Lun. 10. Grey Warden Dragon Age 2 Best Hero Nerd Love Cool Art Awesome Art True Love Nerdy Fangirl Of course, there is a chance that Anders is dead, seeing as players are given the option to either spare or kill him at the end of Dragon Age 2. While writer David Gaider confirmed that if Hawke killed Anders, he is indeed ultimately dead, the same can't be said for the spirit of Justice that shared Anders' body during the events of Dragon Age 2

Anders (Character) - Giant BombAnders Outfits Retextures at Dragon Age 2 Nexus - mods andRepeatable Romance Scenes at Dragon Age 2 Nexus - mods andHD Anders Armour at Dragon Age 2 Nexus - mods and communityDsC - DA2 - Fenris Aveline Isabella Anders Sebastian atLight Anders at Dragon Age 2 Nexus - mods and communityGallows | Dragon Age Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

To enable the console on the OS X version you need to edit the Dragon Age 2 config file in ~/Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config You can open it with TextEdit. At the end of the file, paste the following in: [AppDefaults\\DragonAge2.exe\\transgaming Dragon Age is a media franchise centered around a series of fantasy role-playing video games created and developed by BioWare, which have seen releases on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.The franchise takes place on the fictional continent Thedas, and follows the experiences of its various inhabitants Dragon Age: Inquisition har varit i utveckling ett tag. Många fantasynördar har hyperventilerat lite försiktigt av förhoppning efter att det andra spelet i serien av många ansågs som en besvikelse. Skulle Dragon Age hitta balansen mellan story, komplexitet och njutbar spelbarhet denna gång Questa è la lista dei personaggi di Dragon Age II, videogioco sviluppato da BioWare e pubblicato da Electronic Arts nel 2011. I personaggi giocabili di Dragon Age II senza DLC, da sinistra a destra: Fenris, Isabela, Varric, Aveline, Hawke, Bethany, Merril e Anders Dragon Age 2 Anders Rune Slot, casino del vescovo modena, casino rotterdam alexander, online roulette spelen ideal Welcome Bonus If new players deposit a certain amount in their accounts, the casino will match it to a specific percentage See a recent post on Tumblr from @agirlwithadiary about Anders dragon age 2. Discover more posts about Anders dragon age 2

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